shaping products from conception to perfection

I like to sit cross-legged at the center of the universe. It isn't enough to just inform the design of products, I like to pave the way for those products to reach the hands of paying customers.

Check out my work below. Then, drop me a line - I'd love to chat.


ROTC meets UCD

User-centered design & research

Ethnography and iterative feedback throughout the research and design phases influenced a wearable solution for ROTC cadets performing ground movements at night. 

WonderWoof + UX

User Experience Research

Exploratory research and usability testing identified key opportunities to soothe in-app frustrations for dog owners and customers wanting to keep their pups healthy.   


Para-Transit & Service Design

Ethnographic Research & Usability Testing

Contextual interviews and site-visits informed customer journey maps and solutions for public transportation riders with physical disabilities. 


Start-up finds Shipping Solution

Product Management 

Mounting manufacturing costs, over stocked inventory, and repeated customer abandonment during the sales process spurred Viking Furniture to find a palatable shipping compromise.